In the year 2020, despite the ravaging of Covid-19 in Nigeria, we were able to increased the number of our beneficiaries to over 800 widows and widowers because we received more resources from our Platinum Donors in the respect of  Bukola Olafisan Foundations, The Ernest Ohanugos , Mr and Mrs Ola Awosemo, Barr and Mrs Ekene Samuel, Pastor and Pastor (Mrs) Gbenga Faleye, The Areos, The Jinadus, The Ogboyes, The Afuyes, The Ashogbons, The Adeboyes and others.


Below are some of the pictures and video footages taken at the program.


Founder at the family home of Late Deaconess Bukola Olafisan.
The presentation of the food items by Bukola Olafisan Foundation.

Click the link to watch the full program streamed on the Facebook page of Abiding TV