Operation Feed The Widows 2022 Edition!!!

Edition 4.0 of Operation Feed The Widow was very successful and in our way, we were able to bless the aged that are widows and widowers with raw food items to enjoy the festive period.

Below are the pictures taken from the event.

Our Records With Health Aids


With our little resources, we have been able to lend hands of support to the few people that are in need of financial assistance for their medical treatments.

Below is the payment slips.

Operation Feed The Widows 2021 Edition!!!




The year 2021 Christmas festive season is approaching and we are always reach out to the indigent widows and widowers that are aged (age 65 and above) and give them raw food item to celebrate the season.

In 2019, 300 widows and widowers benefited for this program, in the year 2020, we reached out over 800 widows and widowers and in this coming edition of the year 2021, we are planning to give raw food items out to 1000 widows and widowers.

So therefore, we need the following below items from our donors and we are ready to pick the items up once we receive the call or our donor can also send the food items to our Ibadan office. Thanks

5kg of Rice – 1000 bags
Noodles – 1000 cartons
Spaghetti – 1000 cartons
1ltr of Groundnut oil – 1000 bottles
Sardines – 1000 cans
Power milk – 4000 sachets
Maggi – 1000 sachets
Salt – 1000 sachets

Date: 19/12/2021
Time: 4pm

Venue: UMC Primary School, Obafemi Awolowo road, Oke Ado, Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria.


Let’s make some aged widows and widowers that are indigents to be happy again in December 2021 and nothing is too small to donate!!

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done. Proverb 19:17


Operation Feed The Widows 2020 Edition

In the year 2020, despite the ravaging of Covid-19 in Nigeria, we were able to increased the number of our beneficiaries to over 800 widows and widowers because we received more resources from our Platinum Donors in the respect of  Bukola Olafisan Foundations, The Ernest Ohanugos , Mr and Mrs Ola Awosemo, Barr and Mrs Ekene Samuel, Pastor and Pastor (Mrs) Gbenga Faleye, The Areos, The Jinadus, The Ogboyes, The Afuyes, The Ashogbons, The Adeboyes and others.


Below are some of the pictures and video footages taken at the program.


Founder at the family home of Late Deaconess Bukola Olafisan.
The presentation of the food items by Bukola Olafisan Foundation.

Click the link to watch the full program streamed on the Facebook page of Abiding TV

Operation Feed The Widows 2019 Edition

In the year 2019, we were able to reached out to over 300 widows and widowers with the donations received from our DONORS. And one of our major donors is  Bukola Olafisan Foundations which catered for almost 30% of resources and below are some of the pictures taken at the program.

The full video of the program on Facebook


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